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 Country - Americana - Jazz

Gina Seagram Music
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Gina Seagram is a blues, folk, and Americana singer/songwriter, based in Nashville, TN.  With a sultry, Bonnie Raitt-esque sound, her voice electrifies a room with expectation, reaching deep into the soul of the listener. 


One of 5 children, Gina Marie Carroll was born in Kansas City, then raised in a small town in Oklahoma.  Life wasn’t kind to their small family.  Times were rough.  Gina found herself drawn to music as a method of soothing her anxiety. She would sneak her brother’s guitar and play it when he wasn’t around.  Music became the air that she craved to breathe.   


At the age of twelve, she received her own guitar.  She laughs when she remembers that her mom insisted she not play guitar because it was a boy’s instrument.  Her mom even bought her an auto-harp to replace it, but Gina wouldn’t have any of that.  With a bluesy sound, she began to play at clubs and bars, hanging out with local jazz musicians.  As soon as she walked on the stage, the room would silent itself.  She states, “I quickly became used to the whispers of surprise at the unique sound coming out of this tiny, white girl."


At twenty-three, she married Rod Seagram.  She had met him in Nashville, TN while singing background vocals for one of his bands. This decision added more depth to her already colorful life.  He was a producer/recording engineer who knew Gina had a sound worth pursuing.  Work began on her album at the legendary Suma Recording Studio in Painsville, Ohio, then life kicked in again.  Hard.  After some years, the money ran out and so did her marriage.  Rod had moved her to the country in Virginia.  Here she was, now with two little boys in the mix.  She found herself needing to start all over again.  With mouths to feed, now a single mom, she pursued a career as an aesthetician.  The following years lent themselves to a survivor mentality, but music was never far away.  Alone at night, she would grab that guitar and write.  Music wasn’t just in her...It was her.


When her boys were grown, Gina felt led to Tennessee.  Drawn to the music community, she got involved with Nashville Rising Star.  A songwriter contest put on by a local television station (CMT) and music producers.  It was here that she met songwriter Billy Lee (The One by Gary Allen).  Together they wrote Safe Place to Fall (Recording by Gina) and others.  Playing it at the Blue Bird with high expectations, only to have them dashed once again.  Even though this had been the story of her life, hope never left her.  She had her faith in God locked in her heart and a new song always on her lips.


Fast forward to November 2021.  Gina met Jonathan Goodwin.  A critically-acclaimed producer, musician and entrepreneur within the Nashville music community.  He introduced her to writer Tom Payton and other A-list writers in Nashville, TN.  It didn’t take long for her love of songwriting and singing to experience rebirth.  It wasn't many days after she found herself recording songs she had written, with that very producer (Goodwin) in the same studio (at the same time) with Dolly Parton & Reba McEntire as they were re-recording a new version of the hit song, "Does He Love You" in the next room over.  Gina's album is set to release Spring of 2023 by (who other than...) DREAMLAND Entertainment in partnership with SONY for distribution.  It’s apparent to everyone within listening distance that her voice has been silent way too long.  It’s time for the world to hear.

Along with writing new songs, Gina has been busy dusting off some of the ones she wrote years ago.  Co-writing, creating, and serving as an A&R Director at DREAMLAND Entertainment.  Living in Music City puts Gina in the heart of where he greatest musicians and entertainers pass through.


Gina’s journey has brought her to this new chapter.  Being authentic and true to herself has been her motto throughout her life.  It’s clear to see that Gina is a survivor with music still in her soul. 

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