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Rhonda Austin

Global Corporate Communications


Rhonda Austin began volunteering in high school finding joy in helping
administrate and facilitate planning and events.  Rhonda recently retired after 27 years as one of the leading mortgage processors in the mid west.  While she was ready to walk away from the typical 9-5 she had worked for so many years, she knew that she was not ready to just sit down and retire.  She soon realized that this was really the beginning of some of her life’s most exciting days.


She now serves as the administrative director for DREAMLAND Entertainment and the executive assistant for Jonathan Goodwin.  Rhonda is quick to take care of many things in the office such as daily administration, product orders, keeping all of the websites up-to-date, and advance the performance dates and calendar for artists and entertainers they represent. She also work directly with the promoters that book artists and schedule events.  She also handles the logistics and details for artists throughout the year.


Rhonda is also always helping keep stock and product ordered, schedule interviews and various other tasks.  Rhonda is excited about this new venture with Dreamland Entertainment and will soon prove to be the backbone of every artist, promoter and staff member.

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