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DREAMLAND is a premier entertainment organization possessing extensive expertise in the worldwide music, film and publishing industry.  While our live events and talent roster has been opulent, we are still committed to the development of new artists through our Artist Development program. Through the years we have nurtured artists from the ground up. Guiding them through recording and releasing an album or single globally, radio and internet promotion, marketing campaigns and touring support.

With a rich history of working with the music industry’s top artists, producers, engineers and studio musicians, our mission is to create a platform for new and unknown artists across the globe to increase their audience and fan base, expand their reach, and take their music to the highest level of excellence. While our client list has ranged from new and upcoming artists to multi-award winning artists, our unprecedented service has shown artists at every level that we offer the highest quality representation, productions and promotions!

To say the word "team" seems unfitting considering the many people that help keep us operating from day to day. The acclaimed session musicians, talented publishers and award-winning songwriters, to our Board of Directors & Advisors, there are countless people behind the scenes that are committed to helping us execute our vision for DREAMLAND.

However, below you'll find a list of our "partners" or "dream-team" members as we like to call them. While our 'dream-team' is growing daily, click below to meet our groundbreaking innovators that collectively created DREAMLAND.


Our team has certainly made an impression in the music industry. Their combined expertise makes every project relevant and refreshing. DREAMLAND Entertainment Group is committed to bringing excellence to every project.


 Few companies today can match the unbridled energy and creative passion that the DREAM TEAM bring to the multi-faceted music, film & publishing industry.  Their positive, life-affirming attitudes are not only the focal point of the company, it’s at the heart of everything they do. As leaders, they've learned to effortlessly juggle a variety of notable projects. While operating the Record Label and Artist Management Company, the team will also aid worthy causes through Redemption World Outreach, a global smart-television network and other philanthropist projects. 




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