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Feb 22, 2023, 09:00 ET

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Dreamland Entertainment Group is poised to provide a path to excellence in music and film experiences while unleashing potential in upcoming artists and creatives.

New York, NY, February 22, 2023 - NASHVILLE (CelebrityAccess - - Dreamland Entertainment Group™ (DEG) has announced their official launch as industry veterans and award-winning creators collaborate to provide concierge service to the artist and the fans.

DEG will provide elite concert promotions, LUXE branding for new and established artists, and exemplary management service for music artist, actors, authors and other creatives. Their team history has proven success of contributing monumental experiences in music, film and the arts.

While DEG will certainly serve well-established artists, they are one of the few large-scale entertainment companies also offering services to upcoming inevitable artists.  Their vision statement conveys that DEG will "work in concert" to unleash potential in artists and creatives while fostering development at every level.

Visionary entrepreneur Jonathan Goodwin along with other creative partners announced the new business venture at a press-conference last week. DEG is set and poised to create a new, innovative and centralized approach to providing artists and creatives with a clear and well orchestrated path to success through; efficient management and representation for entertainers, a hybrid record label for music creators, an elite publishing vehicle for authors and global distribution for film makers and content creators.

Over the past 20 years, Goodwin has proven to be a strategic business professional experienced in impacting business (organizational) direction with successful leadership decisions. Starting in 2004 as a Nashville studio intern, Goodwin was positioned and honored to learn from and be mentored by some of the world’s greatest producers. In 2008 Goodwin launched his own label and management company, C&C Music Group along with a CCM label division, Redemption World Records.

Goodwin states “The idea I have to accommodate artists, authors, filmmakers, and creators at large can no longer be done with a refined team of business executives in a high-rise office looking for the next commercially exploitive artist. It's going to take a fresh approach. While the industry has constantly evolved, I have been blessed to have been able to sustain a career within it. Now it is time to take things to the next level. Through DEG, we have the opportunity to build a full-service entertainment company organically without being restricted to specific genres, or the typical ‘music industry’ way of doing things.”

Goodwin adds, “We will be meeting people where they are -both personally and professionally- and who share common values of hard work, drive, dedication and passion integrated into everything they do. We believe that talent can come from any place, background, culture or level of experience. While we promote the creation and monetization for entertainers, the core mission of Dreamland Entertainment Group will be to “Work in Concert” in connecting artists and creatives with their audience, venues, sponsors, broadcasters and consumers."

DEG's team of partners and staff includes first-class creatives and professionals from across the globe. To learn more about the 'dream team' visit


Artists and Creatives are the heart of what we do and we have a deep reverence and respect of creativity. We support live music because it is vital to art and culture. We believe that excellence in content creates substantial growth and sustains the longevity of artists and creatives. This is why we propose a lengthy list of services here to facilitate any and every need a creator could have.


The leadership of Dreamland possesses proven abilities and experiences in what it takes to succeed in the entertainment industry without bureaucracy and in addition, we do not mandate synergy. While our core shall remain small, we believe that we create decentralized divisions globally. With each division comes delegated leadership and we trust all of these divisions will make the best decisions for artists and creatives to which they are assigned.

We always encourage our clients and team members to transcend and share ideas on ways to perpetually be better at everything we do. Each team member brings a highly specialized area of business and artistic focus to the overall goals of the organization, the artist and creative as well as the consumer -in the areas of A&R, Artist Development, Publishing, Radio Promotion, Website Development, Social Media optimization, Photography, Videography, Brand Management, Tour Coordination, Marketing, Bus Leasing & travel, Custom Merchandise, Workshops, Concert Promotion, and more.


DEG will undoubtedly brings together artists, actors, creators, songwriters, and entrepreneurs that are moving entertainment culture across the globe. DEG is launching in more than 13 countries in commencement alone. Through a network of affiliates and licensees, their Recorded Music division already includes the works of many great music and film projects.

DEG also is partnered with many philanthropic efforts such as TSTV a global smart-television network, redemption world outreach, and also Room 17 Productions, Inc, a 501c3 organization that promotes music and education through live performance, oral history, documentary film making and preservation of aging recordings for educational research and enjoyment of future generations to come.


DEG Media Contact (USA):
Rhonda Austin

DEG Media Contact (UK):
Trisha Overstreet

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