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MNA Nashville

Here at DEG we hone relationships with the greatest studios in the world.  We only use the best rooms in the business where hits are consecutively recorded.  We also house our own full service recording studio serving record labels, production companies & signed artists.  Services offered include Sound Design, Sonic Restoration, CD & DVD Replication/Duplication, Vinyl pressing, Mastering and 48+ digital tracks with total automation & recall of every single parameter.  Our studios have multiple ISO Booths offering great separation, large windows for easy visual communication, and a spacious tracking room for bands!  Our control rooms are comfortable, relaxing, and a spacious area for production.  Our Studios consistently draw a diverse clientele from all over the world.  Artists can receive song-writing tips to improve there creative efforts, and fine tune song arranging skills.  Those in the music industry can receive music career counseling to assist them in their long term musical objectives.  Writers can receive music publishing services that will allow them to tap into the song writing royalty pipeline.  All of this is available through DREAMLAND Entertainment Group.  When you step into the vocal booth or tracking room to begin working on your recording, as an artist there is nothing greater than a room with good ambiance to relax you and cause you to perform at your greatest potential!  Customer satisfaction has always been our primary goal!


We pride ourself on using only the finest in pro audio gear.  Whether it be a studio or live production, we provide the most up to date recording technology found in the finest studios around the world: the finest Class-A pre-amps (Neve, Api, Grace, Millennia), high-definition digital conversion, studio grade microphones, Mogami cables, and a redundant backup system.  We always recommend a microphone “shoot-out”  with our intentional microphone choices and placement but we're always happy to work with clients who would prefer a specific microphone or pre-amp. We can also provide a more streamlined recording process for clients that would prefer we interface with their existing digital consoles.

Our primary goal is that the recording process is an easy and painless one!


We specialize in all styles of music and in making your music sound great!  We have years of experience in many styles as producers, engineers and artists, live and in the studio.  We know what it's like being on stage, or on the other side of the glass in the studio, so we understand what you want and need when you're the performer.


Every DEG produced recording is unique and therefore is priced in a customized manner.  There are many factors that determine the total cost of your project including the number of recording days, personnel, travel expenses, lodging, additional gear, rental instruments, mixing, mastering and the assistance of professional musicians.  We have experience in working with artists and bands of all sizes and are willing to work within your budget. To receive a price assessment, please email us at and we will tailor a package that suites your specific needs!


We would love to hear from you! To discuss how we can assist you in advancing your music, please fill out the form on the

CONTACT page or e-mail us by clicking HERE.



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