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Jonathan Goodwin

Founder / Chief Executive Officer


Over the past 20 years, Jonathan Goodwin has proven to be a strategic business professional experienced in impacting business direction with successful leadership decisions.  Beginning his studio work in 2004, Goodwin was privileged to learn from and be mentored by to learn some of the world’s greatest producers. As a multi-instrumentalist, (keys, guitars, bass, drums, banjo, mandolin, violin, dobro, harmonica-) it wasn’t long before he began getting calls to play on recordings for leading artists of every genre.  In a short time, he became consistently hired as a session musician, to then soon engineering and producing master sessions.


By 2007, Goodwin was being hired as the producers of countless projects.  While most of his work can be  heard on the 200+ Christian recordings he has produced or appeared on, he continues to work fearlessly in other genres as well.  in 2008 launched his own label and management company ‘C&C Music Group’ along with a CCM Division, ‘Redemption World Records.’  By 2010, Nashville TODAY said it to be  “the fastest growing label in gospel music.”  


Not long thereafter, Goodwin began traveling the world teaching business practices within the music industry and training others to become music professionals.  Goodwin’s very first intern is now a teacher at one of Nashville’s leading recording schools and has now won a Grammy™ Award for engineering the artist KEB MO. Goodwin’s long association and close relationships with the elite in the industry has provided him access to the best musicians, singers, engineers, and studios in the world.


Outside of the recording studio, Goodwin proved his gift at providing key plan development and implementation within the companies he has started.   He has quickly assembled a stellar team to help catapult artists careers.  Today Goodwin is known amongst his peers as a veteran creator of successful music and video projects, chart topping songs, sell-out events, business plans and strategic development initiatives.  He is a motivational speaker having led music-business classes and seminars around the world.  His reputation as a gifted entrepreneur has made him a sought-after speaker and consultant for numerous businesses, ministries, and organizations.  He has served as the keynote speaker for multiple leading Music, Business and Ministry education events at conference throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, and the UK.   




So why a new company?  Why a new endeavor?


Goodwin states “the ideas we have at Dreamland Entertainment Group aims to accommodate artists, authors, filmmakers, and creators at large and can no longer be done with a refined team of executives in a high-rise office downtown in Nashville looking for the next commercial artist.  It is going to take a fresh new approach.  While the industry has constantly evolved, I have been blessed to have been able to sustain a career within it.  Now it is time to take things to the next level.  Dreamland Entertainment Group is our opportunity to build a 360 service company (with a concierge or suite of services) organically without being restricted to specific genres, or the typical ‘music industry’ way of doing things.”  




His list of achievements is vast, but Goodwin's faith and commitment to humility and loyalty is what he accredits his success to.  His clients have won numerous awards and topped out print and online music charts time and time again.  His productions along with the quick success of his own companies have drawn critical raves and attracted some of the top names in the music business today.   


In using his own gifts over the years in mentoring others, Goodwin has built an impressive career maximizing and presenting the gifts of others including: 


  • Serving as President and CEO of a premier entertainment organization possessing extensive expertise in the worldwide music industry for the last 20 years. 

  • Serving with Tyler Perry and other global leaders on advisory boards for entertainment companies, award shows and non-profits. 

  • Assembling one of the greatest production teams in Christian Music today. 

  • Managing, Producing and Promoting Grammy and DOVE award winning artists. 

  • Winning several awards for his performing, contributions, philanthropy, and productions. 

  • Coordinating tours all over the world. 

  • Developing a roster of artists that have sold over one million records worldwide. 


Goodwin adds “we will be meeting people where they are -both personally and professionally- and who share common values of hard work, results orientation, drive, dedication, and passion integrated into- or in all that they do - everything they do.   Dreamland Entertainment Group believes that talent can come from any place, background, culture, generation, or level of experience.  While we promote the creation and monetization for entertainers, the core mission of Dreamland Entertainment Group will be to “Work in Concert” in connecting artists and creatives with their audience, venues, sponsors, broadcasters, and buyers (consumers) of their merchandise.”  


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