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David Goodwin

Promotions Management


After spending his life as a forward-thinking leader of single-location retailers, franchises or his own business endeavors, David "Goose" Goodwin has consistently proven to be equipped to transform teams at all levels to maintain responsiveness and meet operational challenges head-on.  He is a born connector and tactical leader with diplomatic nature and tenacious approach. 

In the last 18 months, David has served as the manager and promoter for his sons, The Goodwin Brothers.  In that short time, he helped lead them to become one of the top 5 groups in the nation (according to Bluegrass Weekly).  Their debut release spent nearly 100 weeks on the Billboard™ TOP 20 charts for Bluegrass / Americana music.  As well the group released 3 singles to global radio that debuted in the TOP 5 on the bluegrass / newgrass music charts (Bluegrass Today, Bluegrass Weekly & Billboard Magazine™).

Now as a retiree and 6 year stage four cancer survivor, David will serve in the A&R, event planning for artist, and leadership advisor for DREAMLAND Entertainment.

His partnership indicates a significant commitment to expanding the company's operations as it breaks ground in creating excellence in all things entertainment.

David will focus in promoting high quality music for radio and television broadcasters, advertising, enterprise, and physical media sales.

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