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Shay & Michi Guess

Filim & Visual Creative Directors 


Shay and Michi have a long history in music.  Together, they are dynamic, while their individual talent is certainly the foundation that creates a wonderful chemistry. 

Shay began playing drums for his grandfather's gospel band at age eleven.  He began writing songs shortly after and was invited to cut his first song when he was fourteen years old.  Throughout the years he's written with many local writers but also has been able to sit at the writer's table and learn from some notable Nashville greats.  


Shay studied Communications in college while working a full time job and playing gigs on the weekends.  He has taken that background and his years in the music industry to cultivate a unique skill set in marketing, video production and more.   In 2023, he was commissioned by their label (Redemption World Records) to direct the debut concept-video "Going Back Home" by he and Michi.  Shay has appeared in several dramatic musicals, plays, and is often called upon to act and assist in comedy writing. 

Michi was born in South Korea and adopted when she was two.  Her life took a tragic turn when her adopted father, Sgt. James Doyle Lesley lost his life in an accident. Michi's adoptive mother fell ill and could not care for her or her adopted brother.  

Sgt. Lesley's mother took the children in and moved them to a small community in North Mississippi.  At the age of 5, Michi's family quickly realized they were raising a music prodigy.  Michi's unique ability to sing in perfect-pitch and hear harmony landed her a recording contract with legendary country music singer-songwriter Tom T. Hall (known for Harper Valley P.T.A., Watermelon Wine, and countless others) at his personal recording studio in Nashville, TN. at the young age of 6 years old.  That sparked a love for recording and studio work in Michi that has never left.  Her ability to capture a song and interpret it quickly makes working with her in the studio very easy. 

Shay & Michi will collectively work with DREAMLAND artist on marketing, branding, and creating. Shay will also assist in directing concept music videos, feature film projects and production.  Michi will assist in vocal coaching, studio prep and bgvs as needed on projects. 

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