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Southern Gospel - Country Gospel - Hymns


What Others Are Saying...

"Sherri and I became acquainted in 2007.  Through the years, we have been blessed by her music ministry and testimony of God's love, healing and restoration.  She has a  heart for the Lord and a love for people of all ages.  We are excited to see where the Lord leads her in this new season of her life.  As a Pastor, I have no hesitation to invite her to share her testimony and God-given talents, as she has done many times.  She has such a sweet spirit and relies on the Holy Spirit to anoint and guide her as she ministers through music.  Our friendship is precious and as I often say, "I love her, but I could never love her as much as Jesus does, and that's the truth."

- Dr. Rodney Goodsell


"Oh me!  Where do I begin?  Our little Sherri.  She comes from good stock.  We can say nothing but good about her and her family.  Her grandparents were wonderful people and her parents and brothers, we just love them.  When she called us, it was an answer to prayer.  Then, as we spent time with her over the past years, we just knew that the Lord was going to use her to keep Glad's music going.  If you have a chance at all, call her, get her to your church.  You won't be disappointed.  She has a testimony that you need to hear and you will get little "doodads" all over your arms when she sings.  She can play the piano, sing and is the real deal."

- Rev. T. Doyne Jennings


"Through the years, we have met a lot of people, some good, some bad.  I was so thrilled with our little Sherri called and told us that she was still singing my songs!  We are not as young as we used to be and we can't travel like we used to but I have over 600 songs the Lord has given me and I've never sent anyone to Nashville to record my songs but the Lord just knew who to send and when to send her.  I told her, Sherri, you could sing when you were five and you could sing when you were 25.  You could sing when you were 30 and 40 but it just wasn't time.  But, you're ready.  He has prepared you for this and now it's time.  We didn't know if there was anyone left in Nashville that would even do this, but the Lord knew and when we called, they said yes!  When the Lord does it - He does it just right.  When you hear how He put it all together you might not even believe it!  You need to get her to your church - you need to buy her CDs and then you tell everybody about the blessing you got from the Lord.  That's all for now."
- Gladness Jennings - (Award-Winning Songwriter)




Growing up as a PK & GPK (Pastor's Kid & Grandparent Pastor's Kid), Sherri began singing and taking piano lessons at the age of five - before she could see over the pulpit.  Although she spent her growing up years in church, every time the doors were open, it took "life" including the death of her dad, divorce and a few decades to realize it wasn't about "rules" and "what Christians couldn't do".....she realized it is all about a relationship with Jesus.  

It was never her plan to go to Nashville, record a CD and begin traveling but she is having the time of her life sharing Jesus wherever He takes her.  

Thank you to Revs. T. Doyne & Gladness Jennings for encouraging her to keep Gladness' songs going and to Redemption World for taking the ministry to the next level.

Rhonda has been such an added blessing to the ministry.  She does so many things behind the scenes but has the biggest heart for the Lord and people.  That's why she is such a vital part of everything we do.  

We have found that there are many people who won't go to "church" but they will go to an event or concert.  Our mission and prayer is that when we have the opportunity to take the platform, all will see Jesus and leave with a desire to be a Christ follower.

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